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    Citizens of Herculaneum in the dock buildings, 79 AD

    All of these people flocked to the harbor, thinking that the buildings would keep them safe, unable to get to boats in time to outrun the incredibly fast pyroclastic flow overrunning the town of Herculaneum. Today, you can still glimpse the terror these people must have gone through, as you approach Herculaneum by descending a hill made up of the sediment and ash which covered the land nearly 2000 years before. It is an incredibly humbling experience.

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    Original paintings and prints are now available online from the Gods and Monsters show- follow the link to check out all the pieces:

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    Old World Language Families Map

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    Suehiro Maruo

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    The Keeper of Paradise - Walter Georgi

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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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  10. Judgment Book Tag

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